Sanitation vehicle and environmental equipment platform

Eguard New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Eguard Automobile for short) is a research, development, design and manufacturing base for modern special sanitation vehicles and environmental protection equipment, wholly-owned by TUS-EST in Xianning, Hubei. The company is located in Xianning National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hubei Province, covering an area of 561 mu. It has an annual production capacity of 10,000 special sanitation vehicles and 3,000 sets of environmental protection equipment. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has oriented around core technology innovation, focused on product manufacturing, and extensively served national urban and rural sanitation integration and sewage and waste treatment projects, providing a “one-stop” service from project consulting, process design, product supply, engineering construction to managed operation.

Main businesses

Production is mainly two types of special sanitation vehicles’ road cleaning and garbage collection and transportation. Currently, it has developed more than 160 types of special sanitation vehicles (including more than 30 types of new energy pure electric products), covering three power categories of fuel oil, natural gas and pure electric power. Supplying 18 product series, it is currently one of the companies with the most complete range of special sanitation vehicles in China.

Star products
  • HJK5180TXS6DF Cleaning and Sweeping Truck Detail +
  • HJK5180ZYS6DF Compaction Garbage Truck Detail +
  • HJK5080TCA6JL Kitchen Garbage Truck Detail +
  • HJK5181TDY6DF Multifunctional Dust Suppression Truck Detail +